Listen To A New Neil Young Song Bashing Starbucks And Monsanto

05.22.15 4 years ago 3 Comments
Neil Young at SXSW

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It should come as no surprise that Neil Young isn’t a fan of Starbucks due to the company’s alleged involvement with agricultural monolith Monsanto. Young’s beef with the company concerns its use of GMOs, and he’s taken aim at the company often. But no matter how many times the popular coffee chain claims it isn’t involved at all, that won’t stop the politically-charged. And now he’s got a new song, “Rock Starbucks,” which takes aim at the coffee chain.

With lines like “Yeah I want a cup of coffee, but I don’t want a GMO / I like to start my day off without helping Monsanto,” it’s clear the singer is trying to get his fans to boycott Starbucks, which is a shame, because it just brought back the Frappuccino happy hour!

“Rock Starbucks” is set to be included on Young’s upcoming album, The Monsanto Years, due out June 16.

(Via DemocracyNow, h/t Stereogum)

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