Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon Prove How They’re Co-Parenting Like Pros This Christmas

If you happen to be divorced or separated with kids this Christmas and are worried that co-parenting during the holidays is going to be difficult, fret no more. Noted celebrity couple Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are here to prove how one can put on a happy face for the holidays. After filing for divorce in 2014, the performers have been successfully co-parenting their twins Moroccan and Monroe like the pros that they are. This Christmas is no different, as Nick and Mariah are posting up a storm with photos that prove how adept they are at splitting time with the kids and making it through an outing together.

It’s a testament to how committed they are to the kids — even when Nick’s mom joins the fray in a family outing, the smiles don’t slip. Adding a former mother-in-law to the mix isn’t an easy obstacle to navigate, so major props to Mariah for maintaining that megawatt smile. Of course, there’s a chance she’s just smiling for the photo and then moving as far away from her kid’s grandma as possible after the camera is gone, but we’ll give her the benefit of the doubt because she’s Mariah Carey. You don’t doubt Mariah Carey.

Even more notable is how good Nick and Mariah look this holiday season. With all the sweets and holiday parties on tap, extra credit is due for their amazing looks. It’s no surprise then that in one of Mariah’s photos there is a bunch of gym equipment in clear view. We get the hint, Ms. Carey, and we’ve noticed the payoff.