Nicki Minaj Is Officially Married To Kenneth Petty

In late July, Nicki Minaj and then-fiance Kenneth Petty were seen getting a marriage license at the Beverly Hills Courthouse. Marriage licenses in California are valid for 90 days, so this event was interpreted to mean that Minaj and Petty would be getting married in the not-so-distant future. Sure enough, a bit less than three months after Minaj and Petty got the license, they got married.

Minaj revealed the news on Instagram, sharing a video that pans across a table of items consisting of a mug that says “Mrs.” on it, a baseball hat that says “Bride” on the front, a “Mr.” mug, and a “Groom” hat. The post is also captioned by Minaj’s new full legal name, Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty, as well as what was presumably the date of the wedding: October 21, 2019.

Of course, the marriage isn’t exactly a surprise to anybody paying attention to Minaj’s goings-on lately. In June, she shared a video for “Megatron,” which featured her getting cozy with Petty. Shorty after that video was released, Minaj appeared on The Tonight Show, and during a segment where she was freestyle rapping, she rapped, “These girls can’t see me like the Yeti / All these girls gas like Getty, I am Miss Petty.”