Nicki Minaj’s Paper Magazine Cover Gets Lampooned With ‘Bojack Horseman’ And ‘Rick And Morty’ Parodies

Getty Image

Nicki Minaj’s controversial Paper magazine cover shoot may not have actually broken the internet as it aimed to, but it certainly got people talking. Now, we’ve entered the next phase of internet ubiquity: parody. It was only a matter of time before folks started duplicating the risque shoot with comedic twists, but the jokes are already coming from the top tiers of the comedy world, which is pretty impressive. Namely, the illustrators for Netflix’s existential, dark comedy cartoon Bojack Horseman have turned their show’s eponymous protagonist into Nicki’s stand-in and the results are… look, I’ll let you hash out how you feel about it for yourself. No judgment here.

Meanwhile, one intrepid Rick And Morty fan decided to amp up the confusion by drawing that show’s pernicious geriatric protagonist Rick Sanchez into the cover’s now-infamous poses — and the outfits. There is probably an alternate universe out there where this sort of thing is considered high art, so again, no judgment here.

Meanwhile, Netflix announced the fifth season of Bojack was greenlit but little else, while Rick And Morty just wrapped up its third season last month with no information of the fourth in sight. That gives both shows one more thing in common with Nicki Minaj, since her new album has yet to be given a release date of its own.