Nicki Minaj Goes Hard With Pop Smoke On His ‘Welcome To The Party’ Remix

Thursday night, Nicki Minaj and Pop Smoke released the remix to “Welcome To The Party.” Minaj’s fanbase is so strong that when she retweeted a fan on Twitter anticipating one more hour until the remix released, Minaj’s barbies inadvertently made #PartyWithBarbie trend. However, the desired hashtag, #WelcomeToThePartyRemix. started trending once the song link was tweeted out. On a night with a Young Thug album and Drake single releasing, that’s quite the accomplishment for Minaj, but more importantly, Smoke (and his song). In addition to Minaj hopping on this remix, Rico Nasty surprised the industry with a remix earlier this month.

If Minaj’s latest guest verse is any indication of the new music she has in the tuck, the Minaj of the Young Money days may be back for act two of her career.

“All my pretty b*tches, high-saditty b*tches; got a milli’ b*tches on go,” Minaj says. “All these silly b*tches, I’ma kill these b*tches; Yo pop, who the f*ck want smoke? / Keep-keep it real, you really mad ’cause your baby dad used to like me, though / I-I ain’t f*ck him ’cause I ain’t want him, told him, “Take a hike like a hiker,” though / Fendi moon boots, size six, got me walking around like I’m Michael, though.”

For Pop Smoke, the Brooklyn rapper will look to leverage Minaj’s verse on his ‘Welcome To The Party’ remix into more momentum, after dropping off his mixtape Meet The Woo last month.