Nicki Minaj Pump Faked On The ‘Rake It Up’ Video And The Barbz Went Nuts

Nicki Minaj and her Barbz have a relationship unlike virtually any other in music at this point. They reciprocate the love in all kinds of interesting ways: Nicki offers to pay for their school expenses, and they readily attack any female rapper they perceive as a threat to her continued dominance, such as Cardi B. The Barbz love them some Nicki, as evidenced by the time they froze her cell phone with Snapchat notifications, and their continuing, persistent back-and-forth with the Queen Barb herself on Twitter. She often retweets their messages to her while joking around and responding to her favorites, which in turn increases their engagement with her online.

Her latest gag may have backfired just a little bit though. Knowing how fervently her fanbase has been awaiting the video for “Rake It Up,” her recent collaboration with Memphis rapper Yo Gotti, she pump-faked the release in a tweet, writing that she was cancelling the release in favor of education. “We decided to not put the #RakeItUpVideo out anymore so that ppl can stop twerking and start reading. Let’s change our world 1 book @ a time,” she wrote, unknowingly turning the key to the gates of all hell, which promptly and inevitably broke loose. “Turn on your location. Just wanna talk sis…” wrote one distraught fan. Another seemingly took issue with the false either/or proposition, dropping a .gif and writing, “i can read and twerk at the same time, do you want to see a video of me doing it.”

Of course, Nicki did eventually drop the “just kidding” part of the joke, tweeting, “Ok u know what? Seeing as #TheKingdom can’t take a lil kiki… a mess chile…”She elaborated that the video has been delayed but that she is working hard on getting it out as soon as possible, tweeting, “Ya what? my darlingz, we r trying our best. It should’ve been out today. Trying our hardest for tmrw night. We want it out just as much as u.” In the meantime, check out some of the more amusing reactions below.

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