Nile Rodgers Was Hospitalized But Tried To Sneak Out And Make It To A Chic Concert Anyway

All those hoping to catch one of the greatest guitar players of all-time during the joint Chic and Earth, Wind & Fire concert in Toronto on Sunday night were unfortunately disappointed. Nile Rodgers was forced to miss the gig, for what he claimed is the first time in his storied career, after being hospitalized for an undisclosed reason. The 64-year old, who was recently inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, took to Twitter to express his disappointment at not being able to play.

He also revealed that he actually tried to make an escape, but was discovered and taken back.

Six years ago, Rodgers was diagnosed with prostate cancer and battled against it fiercely until finally being given a medical clearing from his doctors in 2014. He shared that news during a performance at the Glastonbury festival in the U.K. “My doctors told me I was suffering from extremely aggressive cancer and that I needed to go home and get my affairs in order…Well, I happened to get a phone call from two French guys called Daft Punk and a gentleman named Pharrell Williams and we got together and wrote this song called ‘Get Lucky,’” Rodgers told the crowd. “And I feel like the luckiest man in the world tonight because six years after that doctor told me to go home and get my affairs in order, today, six years later, I am cancer-free!”

Sadly, Rodgers wasn’t the only iconic musician of note to be hospitalized recently. Country music icon Willie Nelson was also admitted over the weekend after a gig in Salt Lake City due to shortness of breath. From his subsequent Twitter message, which blamed the cause of his ailment on the high altitude, he looks to be okay.