Nipsey Hussle Plans To Drop A Joint Album With Meek Mill This Summer

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Nipsey Hussle has had a busy year so far. His debut studio album, Victory Lap, was nominated for Best Rap Album at the Grammys. Now, Nipsey says he’s working on a new album with Meek Mill that is planning to be released this summer.

“We working right now as we speak,” the rapper said in an interview with 92.3 Los Angeles. “We on album time right now. Next thing we going to put out musically is an album.”

Nipsey said he is aiming to drop the project in the summer. “We’ve been cutting ideas and just getting in. We got a couple records that’s going to go off for the summer. It’s not hard at all we just got to lock in and get the records done.”

Before Nipsey released his debut LP Victory Lap, the rapper had spent 10 years writing music and making mixtapes. In 2013, Nipsey released the mixtape, Crenshaw. The mixtape was made available online, but only 1,000 physical copies were produced. Each copy sold for $100 each.

Selling a mixtape for $100 is a bold move, but it paid off for Nipsey. All 1,000 copies of Crenshaw were sold at a pop up shop in less than 24 hours.

Nipsey explained his decision to charge $100 a pop, “Whether we accept it or not, buying music is a choice, not a requisite.”

For now, we will wait to see if Nipsey’s plans of a summer release in collaboration with Meek Mill will become reality.