Noel Gallagher On Arcade Fire: They Need To ‘Pry Themselves Out Of Their Own As$hole’

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12.06.13 14 Comments

Having punched every man, woman, and baby in the U.K., Noel Gallagher, who knows a thing or two about shoving one’s head up one’s ass so far that the stink becomes all you know, has moved onto dissing those rascally Canadians in Arcade Fire. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the former-Oasis lead guitarist/current smoggy gas-bag had some nice things to say about Kanye West and Disclosure before ripping into Arcade Fire like a dog attacking a copy of the placemat known as Standing on the Shoulder of Giants covered in sausages and old farts.

Did you hear Arcade Fire’s new album?

I haven’t heard it. Anybody that comes back with a double album, to me, needs to pry themselves out of their own asshole. This is not the Seventies, okay? Go and ask Billy Corgan about a double album. Who has the f*cking time, in 2013, to sit through 45 minutes of a single album? How arrogant are these people to think that you’ve got an hour and a half to listen to a f*cking record?

Did you see that they’ve asked people to wear formal wear or costumes at their shows?

What’s the point of that? Do you know what the point of that is? That is to take away from the sh*t disco that’s coming out of the speakers. Because everybody’s dressed as one of the Three Musketeers on acid. “What was the gig like?” “I don’t know, everyone was dressed as a teddy bear in the Seventies.” “Yeah, but what was the gig like?” “Ah, f*ck knows, man, I have no idea. I was dressed as a flying saucer.” “Yeah, but what was the gig like?” “F*ck knows. I don’t know. Seen Cheech and Chong, there, though.” Not for me.

You know how on Parks and Rec, Jean-Ralphio lets his freestyles go one word too long? That’s Noel Gallagher. I kind of agree with his point — Reflektor is bloated to the point of pretentious exhaustion — but not only does he say he hasn’t listened to it, which makes his opinion invalid, but then he goes off some random tangent that ends with a Cheech and Chong diss, maybe? Then again, “sh*t disco” is spot-on, so…you win this round, Gallagher.

(Via Rolling Stone, via Getty Image)

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