Offset Details His Firsthand Encounter With Voter Suppression In A Heartfelt PSA

Normally, the political person in the Cephus family is Cardi B but in a new voting PSA, Offset is the one making the overtures to get fans to the polls by sharing a relatable experience for many. A common response to calls to vote in the upcoming election has been to point out rampant voter suppression in many states. In his new PSA, Offset details his own experience with voter suppression — and shares how he overcame it.

According to Offset, a felony conviction at 17 put him on the path to believing “I wasn’t supposed to be involved.” He remembers a probation officer telling him that he couldn’t vote and believing it, even though it wasn’t true. Offset says his mother pushed him to become involved, telling him “your voice matters.” While he said he initially pushed back, he talked to his lawyers and realized that he was, in fact, eligible.

He explains why he feels voting is important, saying, “It still could be ten times better, but you gotta vote. That’s what changes the rules, changes the laws. I really felt good voting, because I was told I couldn’t, or I was told I wouldn’t be able to clean up or get away from my past and look where I’m at now.”

Watch Offset’s PSA — made in collaboration with,, and PushBlack — above.