Oh Good, Lil Wayne And Paris Hilton Recorded A Song Called 'I Wanna Bang You' Together

11.20.12 7 years ago 3 Comments

Well, it’s official: Lil Wayne doesn’t give a F*CK. That can often be a good thing for a musician, allowing them to work on something they wouldn’t normally try, but not here. Oh god not here. Weezy helped his, evidently, good friend Paris Hilton on her latest AfroJack-produced EMA banger, the fittingly titled “I Wanna Bang You.” Sample lyric: “Excuse my french, but f*ck the cameras/I wanna spend a night in Paris.”

Get it? ‘Cause she had a sex tape named One Night in Paris. In 2004. Classic Lil Wayne.

Thank GOD. I was wondering when the best song of 2012 was going to come out.


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