The Knife’s Olof Dreijer Publicly Announced That He Won’t Perform In Israel

In a statement posted on Facebook today, Olof Dreijer (formerly of The Knife), publicly declared his support for the BDS (Boycott Divestment and Sanctions) Movement.

BDS is a global campaign aimed at putting political and economic pressure on Israel in an effort to end what they consider to be Israel’s illegal occupation and colonization of Palestinian land and the ongoing discrimination of the Palestinian people.

Dreijer’s statement read:

“There is an international consensus around the fact that Israel’s occupation of Palestine is illegal. Palestinians living under military occupation and apartheid are denied their basic rights. I’ve been to Palestine myself and seen the effects of the occupation with my own eyes. As long as this goes on I will not perform in Israel.”

According to the post, Dreijer had been invited to perform in Tel Aviv recently and felt the need to clarify why he supports the international cultural boycott of Israel. The statement adds “Olof Dreijer and The Knife have supported this boycott for many years.”

You can read Dreijer’s entire statement below.

Artists who have come out in support of the BDS movement include Roger Waters, Brian Eno, and Chuck D. Artists who have publicly canceled or declined performing at events in Israel include Elvis Costello, Lauryn Hill, U2, Björk, Snoop Dogg, and Cat Power.