Ozzy Osbourne Is Going To Apologize To The Alamo For Famously Peeing On It

11.05.15 3 years ago 2 Comments

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Ozzy Osbourne will be in San Antonio on Thursday to tape a History Channel show, as well as apologize for urinating on the Alamo Cenotaph in 1982. It will put a cap on one of the most well-known and funniest stories in rock history.

Ozzy was in town for a HemisFair Arena performance, when he found himself drunk with the need to relieve himself. So, that’s what he did, on a monument to 189 Texans who died (the Cenotaph is across the street from the Alamo proper). He wound up getting arrested and barred from San Antonio for 10 years, until he was pardoned thanks to a $10,000 donation to the group that manages the Alamo.

“He was drunk. Ozzy was super drunk and he had a bladder problem. You know, I don’t think anyone would have even noticed what he was doing except that he was doing a photo shoot with the English music magazine Melody Maker and he was dressed in pink tights and ballerina shoes. He wandered over to the side of the statue and there he went, ” concert promoter Greg Wilson told the Express News in 1992.

The story took on mythic proportions, as the rumor shifted that Osbourne had actually peed on the Alamo itself in an act of rebellion. But as you can see from the video above, he was pretty contrite about the whole thing. Now he’ll return to the scene to make final amends. And look, he even got to check out the Texas Capitol, too.

(Via San Antonio Express-News)

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