Panic! At The Disco And Sisqo Team Up For ‘The Thong Song’ On ‘Kimmel’

Everybody knows one of the most pressing, perplexing questions of our time is, “What ever happened to Sisqo?”

Mercifully, we have an answer and we can thank Jimmy Kimmel and Panic at the Disco for helping us get there.

On Monday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the “Death of a Bachelor” band took the stage and as part of “Mashup Monday,” they were joined by the original artist himself for a spirited cover of “The Thong Song,” a seminal craft in the history and evolution of music.

Sisqo, who earned himself four Grammy nominations for “The Thong Song” back in 1999, appeared on stage with the band about a minute into the jam, hopping on mix speakers and hyping the crowd while crooning the chorus of his former No. 1 hit.

Now feels like the best time to relay that the band officially performed under the name Panic at the Sisqo.

Sisqo still performs with Dru Hill, which released its last album in 2010, but has spent a fair amount of time working on reality TV shows both in the U.S. and the UK over the past few years. His most recent solo effort, 2015’s “Last Dragon,” was his first major release in 14 years and just the third of his career.

Maybe the appearance on Kimmel will embolden someone to give him at least a semi-regular gig performing “The Thong Song.” Because if Monday night’s performance taught us anything it’s that we can never have enough of that song in our lives.