Pearl Jam Offers Earplugs At Upcoming Shows So You Won’t Go Deaf In The Future

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After years and years of going to loud rock shows, your ears take a serious beating. Even if you’re only going to a show once in a while, it can take a toll on your hearing. Now, imagine how damaged some of the ears of today’s rockstars are without the protection of earplugs. Just this week AC/DC’s Brian Johnson announced that he won’t be able to perform any of the band’s upcoming shows, or any show ever again, due to severe hearing damage that could leave him permanently deaf.

Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament had this to say about the dangers of hearing loss:

“Don’t be careless and lazy at loud rock shows or cranking tunes through an old Walkman like I was thirty years ago, (but boy did it all sound good). Wear hearing protection or you’ll end up with a 1.5k ring in both ears every night when you go to bed or worse when you are trying to enjoy the serene quiet of an empty desert or forest, again like me.”

In an effort to prevent that from happening to their loyal fans, Pearl Jam will be providing earplugs at every one of their upcoming shows this summer. The loud rock group have teamed up with MusiCares to supply audience members with earplugs housed in a custom PJ carrying case, for just a small donation. In the long haul, a small donation to protect you from permanent hearing damage is more than worth it. Pearl Jam have always been the good-guys of rock n roll and giving back, whether it’s helping out with the Flint water crisis or lead singer Eddie Vedder keeping a 22 year old promise to a fan.

(Via Consequence of Sound)