Pearl Jam Gave This 8-Year-Old Kid The Best First Concert Experience Ever Last Night

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10.23.13 10 Comments

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Eddie Vedder is close to usurping Dave Grohl’s “coolest middle-aged rock star” title. has the story of 8-year-old Nick Lebresco, who saw Pearl Jam last night at the Wells Fargo Center. It was his first concert ever and he carried a homemade sign (pictured above) saying as much, a sign that eventually caught Vedder’s attention.

During a cover of The Who’s “Baba O’Riley”, lead singer Eddie Vedder took one of his tambourines and tossed it to an usher, appearing to tell the guy to make sure it reached “the kid.”

Later, after doling out a handful of other tambourines, Vedder sent a bunch of other stuff over to Nick. When the items reached them, Lindsay says that she and Chris were trying to stash all of the loot and make sure that Nick realized what he had just gotten. Meanwhile, Vedder was still on stage belting out “Yellow Ledbetter” the final song Pearl Jam they would play on Tuesday. Vedder stood on a speaker and appeared to try wave to “the kid” underneath the sign.

At 3:45 [in the video below], you can see Vedder waving out into the crowd and motioning in an attempt to get Nick’s attention. Then, after Nick saw and waved back, Vedder goes to step down off his perch and eats it, falling onto the speaker. He didn’t stop singing. (Via)

At my first concert, the dude from Live sang about dolphins…so, yeah, Nick wins.

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