‘SNL’s Pete Davidson: Stop Listening To Kanye West Unless He’s Rapping

Contributing Writer
11.21.16 6 Comments

Pete Davidson is joining in the Kanye West dogpile after the rapper revealed that he would have voted for Donald Trump. The Saturday Night Live castmember and avowed hip-hop fan bashed Kanye’s comments and planned presidential run on in a segment discussing the fallout from Trump’s election during “Weekend Update.”

“Now anyone thinks they can run for office,” Davidson said. “Like even Kanye thinks he could be president. He’s been saying he loves Trump and he’s going to run against him.”

“It’s like he heard people saying that this is the greatest threat America has ever seen and was like ‘No, I’m the greatest,'” he added.

Ultimately, Davidson’s plan for dealing with the presidential aspirations of Mr. West (Mr. West, Mr. West…) is to ignore it.

“We as a country need to agree that if it isn’t over a sick beat, we don’t want to listen to anything Kanye West has to say ever again,” he said.

For the time being, it looks like Yeezy is playing along with that plan. Following his disastrous set in Sacramento — a short set that so enraged fans it led to refunds from Ticketmaster — Kanye has cancelled the rest of his once-lauded Saint Pablo tour.

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