Pantera’s Phil Anselmo Apologizes For Racist Remarks After The Metal World Reacts With Disgust

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01.30.16 22 Comments

This is a far cry from “thicken up your skin.”

Phil Anselmo of Pantera caused a major sh*tstorm in the metal world this week after he went on stage at Dimebash and casually informed fans that “Walk” is actually more of a goose-step. When video emerged of Anselmo snapping a Nazi salute and shouting “White Power” at the crowd, metal fans and musicians were quick to react.

All Shall Perish called Anselmo’s actions “disgusting and inexcusable” before pointing out that metal has “no gods, No masters, and certainly no master race.”

Machine Head guitarist Robb Flynn uploaded an 11-minute YouTube video going after Anselmo and the people that support him (while providing a quick history lesson to people who see no difference between ‘white pride’ and ‘black pride.’)

“I’ve talked to people on so many tours: ‘Yeah, Anselmo is up there ‘sieg heiling’ and mouthing the words ‘white power.” ‘Why don’t you call him on it?’ ‘Oh, ’cause I love Pantera, man. And who wants to start sh*t with him?’ Exactly. Who wants to start sh*t with you? You’re a big bully. A big, scary dude. But… enough’s enough. Enough’s enough. Now, I haven’t felt connected to the metal community for quite some time now. I don’t get it. I don’t get how this kind of sh*t is tolerated. I don’t get how this sh*t is even blown off as acceptable, brushed off as acceptable.”

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