Pissed Jeans’ Gnarly New Album ‘Why Love Now’ Takes On Accidental Sexism And Other Nastiness

Pissed Jeans new album Why Love Now is a seedy, winking look at the gross side of everybody, delivered in the Philly band’s signature noisy and brutal style. The album is out February 24 on Sub Pop but is available to stream now.

In an interview with Noisey, vocalist Matt Korvette explained some of the inspiration for these fuzzed-out songs about the grimiest people imaginable. We’d already heard a bit of the inspiration behind “Ignorecam” but Korvette reveals that another album highlight “I’m A Man” is about realizing that men can make women’s lives worse without ever meaning to

“You don’t have to catcall, you can just loudly talk over your female coworker about a subject without realizing you’re doing it, or not including a woman in something because you didn’t know she would want to do that too,” he said. “Just those subtle things that are harder to be aware of, and those are the things you can work on. I’m right there trying to work on it myself, I don’t want to come across as the guy who figured everything out and is doling out insults to the rest of guys. I’m just trying to be better myself, and a lot of these songs are directed inward, as well as outward.”

Korvette also explained what it was like to work with the legendary punk Lydia Lunch. Check out the whole album up top and the rest of the interview here.

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