Pitbull Sent His Private Plane To Puerto Rico After The Hurricane To Help Cancer Patients Get Treatment

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Because our own president seems to care more about debating athletes than the people suffering in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, it’s become up to US citizens to help US citizens. Many in the entertainment field have helped out, from athletes like Mavericks player JJ Barea to music star Pitbull, who recently announced that he flew a private plane down to the US territory on a mission to help ailing cancer patients, some of which who are no doubt doing worse with no power.

The New York Daily News reported that the rapper affectionately known as Mr. Worldwide sent the private plane to pick up Puerto Ricans who need chemotherapy, but are unable to get it because the small island is without power and could be off the grid for months. While Puerto Rico is getting restored, the charitable efforts of Pitbull and others will help sustain it, much like the work of Bun B, Trae The Truth, Beyonce and others helped make life easier for Houstonians after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. It’s also worth noting that Pitbull also helped direct people to donation sites for Florida’s victims of Hurricane Irma.

Pitbull told the Daily News, “thank god we’re blessed to help. Just doing my part.” Hopefully more people continue that trend.

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