Pity The Poor Ghostwriter Of Kreayshawn’s ‘Gucci Gucci’

As you may have noticed, we go out of our way around these parts to ignore anything and everything concerning that awful Kreayshawn person — except for when Rick Ross threatens to fart on her — lest we feel inclined to stab our eardrums with an ice pick, but this was too amusing for me to pass up on the way out of Tuesday’s door: “Speak,” the guy who ghostwrote Kreayshawn’s breakout musical abomination, “Gucci Gucci,” is still living the starving artist life while she gets rich.

“That’s the weird thing, seeing someone become rich overnight and getting to do all the cool things that come with being a successful artist, knowing you had a part in that, but eating Spam for dinner…When I put out my album, will the world care? Probably f*cking not. That’s humbling. It’s depressing to have the world sing along to your every fucking word, and not care about you.”

I’d like to think that there’s some sort of karma thing at play here, that the universe is lashing out at this guy for helping to unleash Kreayshawn on us all, but that still wouldn’t explain her unwelcome ascension. Well, not counting pacts with Satan, of course.

(HT: Vulture)