Polo G Announced His Fourth Album ‘Hood Poet’ And Celebrated With A Brand New Chain

Polo G‘s last album, Hall of Fame, was released in June of 2021 (and reissued as Hall of Fame 2.0 in December) so it’d be understandable if fans of the Chicago rapper were getting a little antsy waiting for a follow-up. Fortunately for them, it looks like they’ll be getting one sooner than later, as he subtly announced with the launch of a YouTube livestream revealing the album’s title and release date. It’s called Hood Poet and is due one month from this writing on September 15.

Polo celebrated the announcement with the purchase of a new chain from Icebox bearing a massive heart-shaped pendant bearing the album’s title alongside a goat (as in GOAT — Greatest Of All Time — the title of his second album), a microphone, and a hand holding a pen. Naturally, the whole thing is absolutely drenched in diamonds. In addition to watching the creation of a massive mural featuring a similar design, the livestream has also been periodically previewing some of the songs from the album, with a countdown to each preview so you can check in. As of publication, the next one is a little under 90 minutes away.

Hood Poet is due on 9/15 via Columbia records. You can get more info here.