Post Malone Is Giving Fans A Chance To Play Beer Pong With Him Through A New NFT Experience

Over the past month or so, NFTs — aka, non-fungible tokens — have been all the rave across the art and tech worlds. Grimes and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey are just some of the big names that have taken it up, and it looks like Post Malone will join them. The Hollywood’s Bleeding singer is teaming up with cryptocurrency group, Fyooz, to launch a new NFT experience that will allow select fans to compete with him in a game of beer pong.

The announcement is part of a larger experience from Fyooz that aims to allow token holders to get up close and personal with their favorite celebrities. The experience will allow for a direct and personal interaction that can be “one-off, multiple interactions, or indeed a ticket for ongoing events with the artists,” according to a press release. The beer pong with Post Malone is their maiden effort.

In case you’re new to the whole NFT thing, it’s essentially a one-of-a-kind digital collectible that’s created using blockchain technology. Jack Dorsey recently minted an NFT of the first tweet ever sent on Twitter. According to CNN, the CEO of Bridge Oracle, Sina Estavi, offered $2.5 million for said tweet. Elsewhere, Grimes made $6 million by selling her art collection WarNymph Collection Vol 1 as an NFT. Each digital art piece was accompanied by exclusive audio that could only be obtained by purchasing an NFT.

You can check out more about the Fyooz NFTs here.