Post Malone Teases A New NASCAR-Themed Video For ‘Motley Crew’ Dropping Soon

There have been rumors about a lot of new Post Malone material coming this year, and finally, some of that is starting to materialize. Today, Posty announced that on Friday, July 9, he will be sharing a new video for “Motley Crew.”

He shared a brief snippet of the song’s video, which is directed by Cole Bennett of Lyrical Lemonade and was made in collaboration with NASCAR. Given the latter connection, naturally, the clip features Posty driving a car around a track, fully decked out in a racing jumpsuit and otherwise having a good time.

Aside from the upcoming visual, Malone has a few pre-existing connections to the NASCAR world. Back in 2018, he expressed an interest in playing PUBG: Battlegrounds with Bubba Wallace. Last year, Clint Boyer also told a story about his wife wanting to see Malone in concert, and when they went, he didn’t have an awesome time: “Posty showed up two hours late, he was drunk, played seven songs kind of, then left. Posty sucked [laughs]. […] I couldn’t figure it out. Anybody that can tattoo their face to that extent, drink beer on stage, show up two hours late, and leave after seven songs… he’s doing something right. And somehow, she was satisfied.”