Post Malone Tries A Reverse ‘Despacito’ With His Latin Remix Of ‘Rockstar’ Featuring Nicky Jam And Ozuna

If there’s one musical revelation that’s rocked 2017 more than any other, it’s that Latin-flavored songs are great at drawing listeners, regardless of where you are in the world. Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito” took over the entire planet this year, and especially landed in the US when Justin Bieber contributed to the remix. Now, it looks like Bieber’s touring buddy Post Malone wants to catch this wave too, so now he’s trying to pull a sort of reverse “Despacito” by releasing a Latin remix of “Rockstar,” featuring Nicky Jam And Ozuna.

On the new version of the song, Jam raps (as translated by Billboard), “A Panamanera (Porsche), an F12 in front of my house / Gucci, Ferragamo, I buy the whole plaza / Fine for the short rats that hunt you / Thousands of hypocrites who come and hug you / I live life like a king / Kilos of music from Medellín to Monterrey / Always crossing all the limits of the law / My movie is always in play / I live life like a rockstar.”

Ozuna also chimes in (also translated), “OK, you are the ones who have the most / But let’s go by the numbers and you will see that you are my children / What I buy myself is not to border you / Is for me to take your wife in the Mercedes.”

“Rockstar” was previously the top song in the country, but on the chart for the week ending on December 23, Ed Sheeran’s Beyonce duet “Perfect” took over the No. 1 spot, so it seems like this “Rockstar” Latin remix is an attempt to get back on top.

The song will hit streaming platforms on Friday, but in the meantime, listen to it via Youtube above.