Preoccupations Make Post-Punk Enigmatic On The Experimental New Song ‘Antidote’

02.13.18 1 year ago

Preoccupations (the band formerly known as Viet Cong) is readying New Material, their second album under their new name, and they announced it with “Espionage,” an enigmatic post-punk track that proves there’s still room to explore in the decades-old genre. Now the band is back with another new song, “Antidote,” and like “Espionage” before it, the track takes a bunch of exciting left turns without going in circles.

The band’s Matt Flegel says the song is about us getting caught up in our humanity:

“‘Antidote’ is about humans forgetting that we’re apes, it’s about trying to make sense out of something that we’d be better off not trying to make sense of. Its about having infinite knowledge at our fingertips, but still making all the wrong choices over and over. It’s about trying to find a moment in your day where you can take a breath and remember that we’re basically all just animals bumbling around.”

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