President Obama Ended The Drake Vs. Kendrick Lamar Debate

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01.15.16 17 Comments

Just because President Obama is finishing out his second term doesn’t mean he still can’t connect with young voters. On Friday, Obama took questions from a trio of popular YouTubers from topics a bit less serious than what the press tends to throw at him. Earlier, he settled the debate on the Internet meme of how a dog would wear pants, and in the clip above, Adande Thorne saved the important question for last, when asking Obama who would win in a battle between Drake and Kendrick Lamar.

“Gotta go with Kendrick.” said Obama, without hesitation. “I think Drake is an outstanding entertainer, but Kendrick his lyrics… his last album was outstanding. Best album I think, of last year.”

Now, it’s pretty easy for Obama to roll with Kendrick here. Not only are the two friends now, but To Pimp a Butterfly was a consensus pick for album of the year in 2015. Still it’s good to see Obama making a stand on the important goings on of the world. At the very least, it’s better than doing the Nae Nae on television. Though if he could get his other rapper buddy to put out a full version of “No More Parties In L.A.” that would be great.

(Via @WhiteHouse)

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