Get Your Freak On With Prince’s New Slow-Burning Psych Track ‘HARDROCKLOVER’

Day 3 Of Hop Farm Festival 2011 - Prince Headlines
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With the release of Miguel’s new album WILDHEART this week, it’s entirely possible that Prince is hearing footsteps. He dropped a new track called “HARDROCKLOVER” Wednesday morning as a reminder that he’s the king of sexual psychedelia.

[protected-iframe id=”8a6afd1e162713c817d0998f5c991875-60970621-86472684″ info=”” width=”100%” height=”450″ scrolling=”no”]

Prince spends the track narrating a party over a minimal synth line until the titular “HARDROCKLOVER” walks in. The synths disappear to be replaced by squalling guitars from his backing band 3rdEyeGirl. Slow grooves and pulses won’t do for her, apparently. Prince needs something loud (to cover the sound of their lovemaking because, Prince). I dig it, but I recently went to a Purple Rain screening in a homemade replica of Prince’s studded jacket, so I’m not the most objective judge.

The track is one part of a remarkably busy year for Prince. The Purple One has released two albums and several standalone songs in 2015, including his protest song over the death of Freddie Grey.