Princess Nokia Makes Her Acting Debut As A Romantic Lead In ‘Angelfish’

Princess Nokia has made a name for herself in music and the rapper is now pivoting to film. Nokia stars in the new trailer for Angelfish, a coming-of-age film set in the Bronx in the ’90s.

Directed by Peter Lee, Nokia plays Eva, a first-generation young woman living with her family in the Bronx. Eva’s love interest is Brendan, played by Jimi Stanton. Brendan is a high school dropout living with a dysfunctional family while trying to be a role model for his younger brother. Eva and Brendan meet on a whim and the film follows their life, love, and complicated relationships with their respective families.

“I loved sharing this experience with Peter Lee and the incredible team of women who made this film possible,” Princess Nokia said in a statement. “I’m really grateful to have someone believe in me so much, and believe in this talent — not just my name or the idea of me. He respected me, he respected New York and the importance of bringing these Latino characters alive respectively and accurately. Which has truly meant the world to me.”

Angelfish premieres in New York’s United Palace Theatre on November 14. The film will begin streaming worldwide on November 20.

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