Pusha T Keeps The Fast Food Beef Between McDonald’s And Arby’s Going With ‘Rib Roast’

Pusha T is at it again. After penning the “Spicy Fish Diss” for Arby’s dissing McDonald’s’ Filet-O-Fish sandwich, the Virginia rapper once again takes aim at the fast food giant with “Rib Roast,” a Western-themed takedown of the Golden Arches’ beloved McRib. “McDonald’s, what you selling, mystery meat?” Push sneers. “Pop up and go away, what does history teach?” Somehow or another, he manages to make it through the whole thing without sneaking in a bar about cocaine… Growth?

For what it’s worth, Arby’s signing Pusha to be its official attack dog has proven to be pretty lucrative for Arby’s. According to an Apex Marketing estimate in March, the jingle/diss track was worth more than $8 million in advertising for Arby’s, whose previous tagline, “We have the meats,” has become pretty ubiquitous if not particularly enticing. It’s also proven a worthwhile endeavor for Pusha, who allegedly penned the “I’m Lovin’ It” jingle for McDonald’s for a flat fee and never got a royalty check. Considering he’s been after Lil Wayne for over a decade over who wore a hoodie first (and subsequently expanded that feud to include Wayne’s protege Drake), this whole fast food beef (heh) offers him the perfect excuse to exercise his petty and get paid for it.

Watch Pusha T and Arby’s’ “Rib Roast” video above.