PWR BTTM’s Tongue-In-Cheek ‘Answer My Text’ Video Is Teenage Angst For Your Thirties

PWR BTTM, the queer pop punk duo, co-fronted by Liv Bruce and Ben Hopkins, has gained a lot of well-deserved attention since the release of their 2015 debut LP Ugly Cherries. As such, the band’s upcoming album, Pageant, has been highly anticipated. Today, the duo released the video for the second single, “Answer My Text,” just a little over a month since the album was announced and PWR BTTM released the video for the lead single, “Big Beautiful Day.”

The video, directed by H.S. Naji, begins with a shot of Liv Bruce laying on a stuffed animal filled bed, sending out the song’s infamous “text,” and listening to the duo’s lead single “Big Beautiful Day” in the background. The desperation in Bruce’s lyrics is perfectly captured when they are seen duct-taped to the floor of a white room surrounded by cell phones, covered in smeared makeup, and frantically trying the escape. However, the video contains many powerful beauty shots of Bruce, empowering them despite the embarrassing nature of being ignored over text. While Bruce is the center of attention in the video, there are also some shots of Hopkins singing along inside a bubblegum pink television.

The Brooklyn-based duo consistently manages to tread the line between humor and intimacy, allowing their songs to hook you immediately, but then make you think about their deeper implications, often to do with gender roles and societal norms. “Answer My Text” is no exception and the new video heightens the single’s overwhelming attractiveness and relatable quality.

Check out this playlist the duo made of songs that inspired the new record, Pageant.

Pageant is out May 12th on Polyvinyl Records. Preorder it here.

Don’t miss PWR BTTM on their upcoming summer tour. Get tickets here.

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