PWR BTTM’s ‘Pageant,’ The Queer Punk Album Of 2017, Is Streaming Right Now

05.04.17 2 years ago 2 Comments

The road leading up to PWR BTTM’s second album, Pageant, has shown just how powerful the duo is. Aside from dealing with anti-gay protestors in a super punk way, we’ve also gotten to hear a trio of fantastic new songs ahead of the record’s May 12th release: “Big Beautiful Day,” “Answer My Text,” and “LOL.” Release dates are a pretty fluid thing nowadays, though, so you can listen to the entirety of Pageant right now, since it’s currently streaming in full via NPR.

As has been made clear by the songs leading up to Pageant, the album deals with the difficulties of contemporary life, especially for people who identify as anything other than heterosexual. For example, “LOL” is a look at the complications involved in young love, “Answer My Text” is about modern communication, and Liv Bruce told Noisey about album track “Sissy”:

“I aspire to be more like ‘Sissy’ than anything. That interaction where I tell off the person in the passing car, that didn’t happen. That person drove away. And I didn’t say anything. And then I wrote that. Like, this is what I should’ve done. This is what I’ll do next time.”

Stream all 33 minutes of Pageant and find the album’s tracklist below.

1. “Silly”
2. “Answer My Text”
3. “LOL”
4. “Won’t”
5. “Now Now”
6. “Sissy”
7. “Pageant”
8. “Oh, Boy”
9. “New Trick”
10. “Wash”
11. “Kids’ Table”
12. “Big Beautiful Day”
13. “Styrofoam”

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