Animals Singing Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’ Is The Anthem The Internet Needs Right Now

Queen’s “We Will Rock You” is an iconic song. It’s a sports arena anthem, and everybody assuredly knows it’s “boom, boom, clap” rhythm. This song is so well-known, you’d easily think that nobody can do anything new with it. If that’s what you thought, prepare to be delightfully surprised for once in your life. Now, you can listen to Queen’s “We Will Rock You” performed by animals.

Technically, these animals didn’t really “perform” the song. It’s not like those Christmas carol records sung by dogs. Instead, some intrepid human has taken a bunch of clips of animal sounds and joined them together to create something that sounds quite a bit like “We Will Rock You.” There are dogs and cats and goats and all sort of weird noises being thrown together.

That’s the main takeaway from this video. Listening to a bunch of animal noises melded together to create an approximation of a Queen song is somewhat disconcerting. There is a thick sheen of weirdness over this video, and it is fairly unsettling. However, it simultaneously is equally captivating. If you like animals making strange noises, then you will definitely enjoy it. There is also a video of animals being contorted into singing “Where Is My Mind?” by Pixies, and frankly, that one almost makes more sense. Dogs just can’t quite hit the same notes as Freddie Mercury; he was truly one of a kind.