Queens Of The Stone Age Have Some Not-So-Nice Things To Say About That ‘Kook’ Jay Z

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09.17.13 31 Comments

Queens Of The Stone Age In Concert - Detroit, MI

When Queens of the Stone Age performed at the Made in America festival earlier this month, they shared a bill with Beyoncé, the rarest of honors, some would say, so they have nothing to complain about. But despite the presence of Bey, they had a miserable experience. Not about the gig itself or the crowd, but its founder, Jay Z, who according to Josh Homme, is “a kook” who “has his security frisking the bands on the way in.” Via Pitchfork:

When security asked to look through his bag, Homme threatened not to play the festival. “No one’s ever done that,” he said of his previous festival experiences [on CBC Radio 2’s “Strombo Show”]. Then, of Jay Z, he said, “You shouldn’t frisk my guys, you should fuck off.”

He also said that Jay gave the band a bottle of his champagne and asked if they would take a picture with it. “I was like, ‘That’s not a gift — that’s a marketing tool.’ I destroyed it, ’cause I thought it was rude overall.”

Later in the interview, when an unidentified thumping noise could be heard, Homme said, “This is me breaking Jay Z’s gifts.” He added, “People never say anything bad about Jay Z, do they?” (Via)

They do now.

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