Questlove’s Directorial Approach For Disney’s ‘The Aristocats’ Remake Will Be Metal-Influenced, Or So He Joked

In late March, the news broke that Oscar Award-winning musician Questlove was set to direct Disney’s live-action remake of The Aristocats. Originally released as an animated movie in 1970, the movie will see quite a few changes, or so Questlove joked on Instagram.

Taking a fan-created mashup from the original film in which the famed animated cats were gathering around, playing and singing along with the orchestra piano, but there was a slight adjustment. Instead of the beloved jolly musical score, instead is a blaring metal track.

Uploading the clip to his official Instagram page, the musician captioned the video, “Think I won’t? Psssssh 90 mins of just this…watch,” joking about the creative liberties he plans on taking in the movie.

Garnering over 27,000 likes in less than 10 hours, it seems like fans are feeling the modification to the animated children’s film classic.

One follower in the comments section wrote, “I’m here for it!!!!! This is my fav part of the original film!!! The cats were PRAISING, ya hear me?!?!?!”

Another user wrote, “Meowtalica.”

“Everybody Wants to BE A *LOW GROWL* CAAAAAAAT,” chimed a user reimagining the film’s original song.

Even actor Michael B. Jordan joined the comments leaving a trail of crying laughing emojis.

At this time, the movie has not yet received a public release date.