Questlove Is Introducing Children To ‘The Rhythm Of Time’ With His New Book Dropping Later This Month

Questlove is making his debut into the world of children’s books later this month, with The Rhythm Of Time dropping next Tuesday (April 18) via Penguin Random House. Co-written with S.A. Cosby, Questlove’s story centers around Philly residents Kasia and Rahim, “two slightly-nerdy Black teens, as they travel back through time, inadvertently rewriting the future.”

“Rich with pop-culture references but rooted in its portrait of its two unlikely heroes, The Rhythm Of Time is a fast-paced story of how the best of intentions can unravel into the most dire of circumstances–and how those problems can only be solved through the power of family and friendship,” the description adds.

He’s also been quite busy this year, launching a publishing imprint called AUWA Books last month, which will be dropping Sly Stone’s memoir in October. Questlove also announced just a few weeks ago that he’s directing a live adaptation of The Aristocats.

“I have been writing books for over a decade, so it seemed like a natural step to publish them, too,” Questlove shared in a statement via Okayplayer. “I’m very excited about AUWA Books, from the books we have lined up to the books we haven’t discovered yet. Let’s take it to the page.”

The Rhythm Of Time is out 4/18 via Penguin Random House. Find more information here.