A Radio DJ Started A GoFundMe To ‘Buy’ Dave Grohl

We should probably preface this whole thing by saying that owning people is totally illegal, at least to our knowledge. And yet, a Texas radio host is trying to buy Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl. Rock 108’s Frank Pain is hoping to raise $35,000 to, in his own words, “buy Dave Grohl” so they can “hang out and high five and sh*t,” as he explains on his GoFundMe page. Obviously the request was a joke, with Pain having to state such once people actually began donating to the page (he’s currently raised $478 in two days).

“In short, I did this as a joke — merely to distract everyone from all the divisiveness that’s rampant on social media,” Pain writes in an update. “As Dave Grohl would do, I’d like to do some good with your donations and give all the proceeds to Autism Speaks.”

The GoFundMe page will hopefully be a win-win for Pain, considering that it’s raising money for a good cause and Dave Grohl might actually respond to it (there was that time the “Everlong” rockstar helped a group of teenage musicians fight for their right to rock in England, after all). Until then, at least it’s provided a good laugh throughout the Internet. As much of a laugh that owning people can provide, anyway.

(Via Spin)