There’s A New Hint To The Imminent Arrival Of Radiohead’s New Album


We’ve been waiting for a new Radiohead album since 2011, when they released The King of Limbs. It seems like we’ve been edging closer and closer to it for months now, but Radiohead, and Thom Yorke, are nothing if not inscrutable. Well, based on past history, it seems Radiohead may be ready to release their new album soon. We know this, of course, because they’ve set up a new company.

Back in October of 2015, the band formed a new company called Dawn Chorus LLP, which appears to be a holding company set up for the release of their new LP. In July of 2007, they set up a company called Xurbia Xendless Ltd. In Rainbows was released that October. In December of 2010, they set up the company Ticker Tape Ltd. The King of Limbs came out in February.

If tradition holds up, this should mean that Radiohead’s new album should be dropping soon. If nothing else, they are clearly readying the release. Dawn Chorus is also the name of a song Yorke mentioned working on all the way back in 2009. Maybe it will be on this album, or maybe it is just giving its name to Radiohead’s new holding company.

Or maybe Radiohead is getting out of the music business and into some new business venture. You know, selling toasters or whatever. However, just in case, keep an eye out for new music in the next month or two.

(Via NME)