Rae Sremmurd Kicks Of Their ‘Sr3mmLife’ Promotion In Earnest With 3 New Songs

When Mississippi sibling rap duo Rae Sremmurd announced their next album, Sr3mmLife, would be a super-sized triple album release, some were skeptical. However, judging from the three singles that the comic book-loving duo released today after “T’d Up” received a less-than-enthusiastic welcome, it may turn out to be one of those ideas that is so crazy, it just might work.

The first single is a group effort called “Powerglide.” It calls to mind the most recent single from Migos, “Stir Fry,” with a driving, energetic beat and chorus that leaves behind the slower slurp of past Rae Sremmurd hits like “No Type” and replaces it with an uptempo table shaker. The verse from party-rap hall-of-famer Juicy J lends it a spark toward the end, and it may up being one of those inescapable songs that gets played in packed clubs at least three times before the night ends.

Then, there are the solo tracks. Swae Lee’s effort, “Hurt To Look,” is a departure, a mellow house-R&B slow-burner that finds Lee in prime “crooner” effect. It’s the perfect complement to the after-party drive home, and a future staple of many “Chill Out”-style playlists. Swae Lee sounds like Drake at his very catchiest, which is the highest compliment I could pay to a track like this. It’s an unexpected experiment from the more visible half of the Tupelo duo, and it’s very appreciated.

Finally, it’s brother Slim Jxmmi’s turn to shine on his own. He forgoes any attempt to sound as cool as his brother, opting for a typically high-intensity trap banger in “Brxnks Truck.” He yell-raps his way over a trunk-rattling beat with a burping, bellowing bassline made for jumping up and down in a very crowded room full of teens. If you have locs, shake them as enthusiastically as possible for the full effect when this one comes blasting over the nightclub PA.

While the high-saturation approach has both benefits and drawbacks, with so much new music on the way, it doesn’t hurt for Rae Sremmurd to give a peek at the variety on tap for Sr3mmLife. Now that we have a better idea of what to expect, it’s easier to know which portion of the project to get excited for — and at the moment, it’s all Swae, though with this group, it’s better not to form expectations and just let the music surprise you.