Drake’s European Tour Opener Is A Rising Toronto Rapper Who Faces Kidnapping Charges

Drake is without question one of the biggest musical superstars on the planet. His co-sign can literally make an artist’s career. This kind of power is exactly why some folks in Toronto are currently scratching their heads at his decision to bring fellow Ontario rapper Pressa out as one of the opening acts on his current tour through Europe.

As the Toronto Sun reported, Pressa is currently out on bail and facing charges including kidnapping for ransom and assault with a weapon that stems from an alleged condominium shootout that took place in the city last April. Apparently, Pressa, who’s real name is Quinton Gardiner was picked up by police following an alleged kidnapping and pistol-whipping of two teens that led to a gun fight in one of the city’s downtown condos.

“I find it troubling,” police Insp. Mike Earl told the Sun. “Here’s a guy (who’s) supposed to be on bail v on serious charges. Why is he permitted to leave country and tour with somebody who is a literal mentor to the city’s youth?”

Despite the severity of the charges pending against him, Pressa was granted “bail variance” by the judge in the case that allows him to “leave the country for work purposes” from February 15 to March 28. Drake’s current Boy Meets World tour wraps up with a final show in Amsterdam on Pressa’s final day to be permitted out of the country. He faces another hearing in the case on October 20th.