Rapsody Celebrates Her Come Up In The Rap Game With The Exuberant ‘Sassy’ Video

12.21.17 4 months ago

Rapsody’s Laila’s Wisdom album was one of the highlights of 2017. After almost a decade of honing her craft, the talented North Carolina-based lyricist came through with her opus. The project made our top hip-hop albums of the year. Her and frequent collaborator 9th Wonder worked together to craft a modern album that harkens back to hip-hop’s golden era heights of lyricism and soulful production. It’s only right that Rapsody drops a video radiating ’90s vibes.

“Sassy” is one of the tracks on Laila’s Wisdom that broke up Rapsody’s introspection with a fun respite. It was a bouncy salute to coming up and letting the world know “I ain’t comin’ down.” Luckily, the video carries the same vibe, as Rapsody and her friends milly rock and groove the night away at a house party. The scenes filmed with the whole crew in the lowrider look like something out of a ’90’s music video, adding to the nostalgic value of the overall song that’s about simply about a good time.

Ending the year off with a fun, celebratory video was probably the right choice, given that she’s having the best year of her career and getting respect across the board for her talents. There’s a lot to two-step about, and 9th Wonder’s effervescent production provided the perfect canvas. Watch it above.

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