Spectral Russian Singer Regina Spektor Is ‘Older And Taller’ On New Single

Regina Spektor is preparing for the release of her new album Remember Us to Life, her first new album since 2012 What We Saw From the Cheap Seats. The singer-songwriter has released a few songs from the album, which have been promising, showcasing Spektor’s pop sensibilities and her way with words. Spektor has dropped one last single before the release of her new album, the wistful “Older and Taller.”

The song certainly seems to fit under the umbrella of an album title Remember Us to Life, and is also reminiscent of other Spektor songs from the past such as “Ghost of Corporate Future.” Spektor seems to have an affinity for conjuring up feelings of nostalgia and the procession of time and what it means for us all. “Older and Taller” is some straightforward, Billy Joel-style piano pop, with a nice little smattering of strings to give it even more heft. Like much of her output, it’s very pretty.

“Older and Taller” features some of Spektor’s traditional insightful, detail rich lyrics, such as “All the lies on your resume / Have become the truth by now.” In the bridge she sings “Enjoy your youth / Sounds like a threat/ But I will anyway.” That sort of sums up Spektor right there, and it’s what makes Remember Us to Life worth looking forward to.