Rich Brian Channels ‘The Raid’ In His Action-Packed ‘New Tooth’ Video

In 2012, the martial-arts action thriller The Raid was a pop culture phenomenon, becoming one of the most impactful Indonesian works ever to hit the US at the time. So it makes sense that Rich Brian — who was born and raised in Indonesia before moving to the US to pursue his music career — would channel its uber-violent aesthetic in the video for his aggressive new single “New Tooth.”

Over a rollicking beat by frequent collaborator Diamond Pistols, Brian vents about the jagged path he’s had throughout his artistic career, illuminating both his struggles and his growth as the beat switches from a frenetic fight instrumental to more laid-back synth-heavy meditation music. The video, which follows an elaborate revenge plot highlighted by SWAT team shootouts, was directed and edited by Brian himself. “I really took my time on this song & I think it was worth it,” he said in the press release. “The video was very fun to shoot & edit I feel like I went back to my 2011 filmmaking days, shoutout to Jason Ano.”

The acting skills he displays in the video act as a precursor to Brian’s upcoming film debut Jamojaya, which is directed by Justin Chon and recently wrapped in Hawaii, according to Deadline.

Watch Rich Brian’s “New Tooth” video above