Rick Ross Says He’ll Allow 50 Cent To Use The Track ‘BMF’ In His TV Show On One Bizarre Condition

50 Cent and Rick Ross have had longstanding beef for over a decade, but it seems the two rappers are finally willing to put it all that behind them. 50 Cent was recently greenlit by Starz for the TV show Black Mafia Family, or B.M.F. for short, and he thinks Ross’ 2010 track “BMF” would be an apt addition. Ross is willing to clear the track but has one request first, and it involves chicken.

Along with a career in music, Ross has embarked on some entrepreneurial endeavors. Not only does the rapper partner with rosé wine brand Luc Belaire, but he also owns 25 storefronts of the franchise Wingstop. Ross brought up his partnerships in a conversation with Billboard, who had interviewed 50 just a few weeks prior. Ross discussed the likelihood of clearing “BMF” to be in 50’s B.M.F. show, saying he’d be willing to do it on one condition: 50 has to promote Wingstop and Luc Belaire to his 26 million Instagram followers. Only then will Ross be willing to take it into consideration:

“That’s most definitely a discussion I’mma have. But, obviously, he reaching out… I’mma profit off of him. That’s what it’s about with me and I told him that. He could go to Wingstop and take a picture when a 10-piece lemon pepper. And while you at it, tell him to take a picture with the black bottle [of Belaire] and hold it up. And if he do that and post that, I’mma really consider clearing the ‘BMF’ record for his show. […] Tell him to take a picture with the Belaire bottle and hold it up hight. When I see it, tell him for the first time I’m going to come to his page and I’mma actually like the pic.”

Watch a clip of the interview above.