Rihanna Hit A Grabby Fan With Her Microphone

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06.19.13 7 Comments

Rihanna Live

Before she heads off to “love rehab” to get over her feelings for Chris Brown or whatever, Rihanna was performing in Birmingham, England last night when she had what the kids like to call a situation with an overly excited fan. While singing, “We Found Love” and walking along the edge of the crowd to sort of high five her fans, one fan grabbed her arm like she was a foul ball at a baseball game and tried to claim his souvenir.

But as she taught us in This is the End, nobody touches Rihanna without repercussion and she bopped that schmuck over the head with her microphone and kept about her business. Maybe throw some earplugs in for this video that captured the incident.

I’ve always wondered what would happen if a star just stopped and stared at one of those young fans that screams like she’s mortally wounded and waited for her to calm down. Would that fan eventually just be like, “Oh hey, what’s up?” or would she just keep screaming for hours? And what about arm-grabber up there – what does he plan to do after he gets her arm? Does he expect her to stop and say, “Okay, ya got me!” and then climb into his pocket and live with him forever?

I guess what I’m trying to get at is people are really strange.

Rihanna End 1

Rihanna End 2

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