Rihanna and Prince Harry Want You To Get Tested For World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day is a way to spread awareness that HIV is not a thing of the past and encourage people to support AIDS-fighting initiatives. Every December 1, the organization sends out reminders to go out and get tested, in the hopes that people the world over will see it. As far as signal boosts go, you can’t do much better than Prince Harry and Rihanna both jumping behind the cause. The Anti singer and British royal got tested for HIV today as a way to support the yearly event.

“Teamed up with Prince Harry & got tested to raise awareness for #WorldAIDSDay,” Rihanna wrote along with a photo of her and Harry chumming it up. “It’s so easy to get tested & know your status! #ProTESTHIV”

Rihanna is far from the only artist throwing in behind the World AIDS Day effort. DJ Khaled is hosting a sweepstakes where fans who donate to the AIDS-fighting charity (RED) will be entered to win a jet-ski ride with him.

Liam Payne of One Direction is offering an in-studio experience to fans via the same platform.

Outside of the music world, President Barack Obama shared a video message on Twitter.

“What once seemed like an impossible dream, the dream of an AIDS-free generation, is within our grasp” he said.

If you would like to get involved, check out World AIDS Day’s official website.