Rob Ford Dancing To Bob Marley Is An Early Christmas Present To The World

Senior Pop Culture Editor
12.18.13 2 Comments

Rob Ford is a dancing machine, in that every time he dances, he needs to be attached to a machine so his heart doesn’t explode. For reasons that I don’t want to know, a reggae singer recently covered “One Love” in Toronto’s City Hall, which is not only a great set-up for a terrible SNL sketch but an excuse to watch Ford cut loose.

I would pay good money to watch and give play-by-play highlights to Crackdance, an instructional DVD wherein Ford cuts a rug to dance crazes, both current and ancient. “Here’s Rob Ford doing the Lindy Hop. And now he’s moved onto the Jitterbug. No, it couldn’t be. Yes, he is popping. But will he lock? THERE HE GOES, FOLKS. HE’S POPPING AND LOCKING. And it’s all thanks to the special water Ford drinks, with the floating white powder.”

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