Mitt Romney And Coldplay Get The Bad Lip Reading Treatment

We frequently feature the work of , whether it’s because they’ve once again dubbed footage of a politician with silly non-sequiturs which match their lip movements or because they’ve written a song to dub over a music video. Today we’re blessed with both of these types of Bad Lip Reading dubs.

The first video below is Bad Lip Reading’s second take on Mitt Romney, who turns out to be ideal for funny dubbing. His gestures and head nods are just generic enough to fit almost anything. I want to watch that hand-shaking scene at 21 seconds in on repeat all day. It’s so motivating.

The second video is one I wanted to post last month, but it was pulled in the US for copyright violations despite being very obvious parody. Thankfully, it’s back now. BLR took footage from a couple of Coldplay’s videos and added their own song and just a bit of extra footage that really ties the whole thing together. The song is called “Yeti” and, yes, it is about Chris Martin banging a Yeti, AKA messin’ with Sasquatch. This song is totally nourishing my inner aspect.

The entire song is amazing, but I completely lost it at this part: