The Male Romper Trend Has Already Been Converted Into A Country Song

Country music might not be known for its progressive opinions on men’s fashion, but it looks like at least one country singer is on board with the idea of male rompers a.k.a. RompHims. Maggie Rose sang a song about the viral onesies, decrying the lack of fashion choices for men and singing from a man’s perspective about the ease of putting on one article of clothing and being done with dressing.

Rose performed the song on the Nashville-based morning show Ty, Kelly & Chuck, noting that men will finally get to experience the inconvenience of needing to use the restroom in a singlet with sleeves.

“They’ll be big wait and see, and it won’t bother me,” she sang. “If I have to take it all off to pee.”

I think we can all agree with Maggie here that there’s nothing wrong with dudes wanting to wear comfortable rompers. But can we just nix the term “RompHim”? Like “man bun” before it, it’s a case of dudes not willing to own the fact that they’re rocking a traditionally feminine style or article of clothing. And that’s not a good look, regardless of how bright and colorful the pattern you on your bros pajama-esque outfits are.