Singer-Songwriter Rosie Tucker’s New Single ‘Habit’ Is A Rush Of Confessions Never Admitted

Shabnam Ferdowsi

Last month, singer-songwriter Rosie Tucker announced their upcoming album Never Not Never Not Never Not with an evocative single, “Gay Bar.” Tucker has followed it up with another melodic indie gem, “Habit.”

On “Habit,” Tucker sings about that all-too-relatable struggle of not being able to express yourself the way you wish you could. Over fuzzed-out guitars, Tucker fires off a stream of tongue-twister lyrics. The song may be about frustration with communication, but Tucker is great at putting poetry to hard-to-identify feelings. (They compare unspoken apologies to “drops in the Pacific between us.”)

“‘Habit’ aims to describe the process of coming to terms with and moving through feelings of regret. I can’t always hope to resolve painful interpersonal conflicts alongside the people those conflicts concern, and bitterness feels practical, and anger comes naturally, and I often employ both against painful loose ends, even when these mechanisms wear me down and diminish in usefulness,” Tucker says about the song. “I’ve found that if I want freedom from the bad feelings then I have to seek out forgiveness of myself and others by whatever terms are available the minute I’m ready to let go. I guess the song is about trying to get free of guilt and regret, to move to a lighter place.”

Rosie Tucker’s new album Never Not Never Not Never Not Never Not is out March 8 via New Professor. You can pre-order it here, and listen to “Habit” below.